Jessie Lloyd O'Connor


Jessie Lloyd O'Connor born Winnetka, IL February 14, 1904 (d. 1988). Daughter of WILPFfounding member Lola Maverick Lloyd. Journalist; social activist; second-generation WILPF member; lifelong pacifist. Traveled aboard Henry Ford Peace as child, 1915; delegate to People's World Constitutional Convention, 1950. Active and vocal opponent of HUAC, the Vietnam War, and Cold War militarism.


On her decision to perform war relief during WWII: "I was torn. I didn’t really believe in war, and on the other hand I wouldn’t really oppose the war against Hitler." (

"We have passed the ball of evil back and forth without a rest;
Love would be a shock absorber, but we have never made the test;
We did everything for Jesus save to follow his behest,
And war goes marching on."
("Hymn for the Atomic Age," to the tune of "Battle Hymn of the Republic," quoted in Harvey and Jessie, p. 211; photo