October 24

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1788 Sarah Josepha Hale born Newport, NH (d. 1879). Poet; editor; teacher in Boston Ladies Peace Society; "Mother of Thanksgiving" for getting Lincoln to proclaim first holiday in appeal for truce in Civil War.

  • 1830 Belva Ann Lockwood born Royalton, NY (d. 1917). Absolute pacifist; second female candidate for President, 1884, 1888; executive of Universal Peace Union; US delegate to Geneva conference on corrections, 1896; opposed Spanish-American war; advocated arbitration.

  • 1838 Amanda Deyo born Clinton, NY (d. 1917). "The Peacemaker." Raised Quaker, became Universalist pastor; national peace speaker; delegate to international peace conferences, 1889.

  • 1915 Marghanita Laski born Manchester, England (d. 1988). English novelist and playwright; radio journalist; leading contributor to OED. Active opponent of nuclear weapons through Committee for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). Authored play The Offshore Island about nuclear war survivors, 1959.

  • 1923 Denise Levertov born Ilford, Essex, England. Poet; anti-Vietnam War; compiled and edited antiwar poetry anthology Out of the War Shadow, 1967.

  • 1971 Anohni (née Antony Hegarty) born Chichester, West Sussex, England. Popular British singer of anti-war songs; War Child album 2005 benefit for Bosnian war children; protested fifth year of Iraq War 2008; 2016 album Hopelessness includes “Drone Bomb Me.”

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1950 One thousand women demanded peace at UN Lake Success.

  • 1981 Pankow Peace Circle founded, advocating for nonviolent overthrow of East Germany and dismantling the Berlin Wall.

  • 1983 2,000 women encircled Boeing plant; largest women's demonstration in Pacific Northwest, organized by Puget Sound Peace Camp.

  • 2007 Desiree Fairooz arrested at Congressional hearing for calling Condoleezza Rice "war criminal."

  • 2010 UN Peace Fair celebrating 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.