October 25

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1872 Mary Sheepshanks born Bilton, Yorkshire, England (d. 1960). Socialist; pacifist; suffragist; feminist. Founding member, WILPF; WILPF International Secretary, 1927-31.

  • 1910 Josephine Wertheim Pomerance born Manhattan, NY (d. 1980). Leader of WILPF; co-founder of SANE, 1957; served on American Association for the UN, 1959; leader of Citizens Committee for a Nuclear Test Ban, 1962.

  • 1940 Barbara Gladysch born during bombing of Düsseldorf, Germany. Founded Mothers for Peace, 1981; founded Children of Chernobyl, 1986; offered aid to refugees of Balkan wars; peace mission to Chechnya, 1996; recipient of Sean MacBride Peace Award, 1999.

  • 1971 Midori Goto born Osaka, Japan. Violinist; UN Messenger of Peace, 2007.

  • 1973 Suheir Hammad born Amman, Jordan. Palestinian-American poet and playwright; Muslim pacifist.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1774 Edenton Tea Party. First organized American women's political action, in support of Boston protests.

  • 1912 Olive Schreiner met Gandhi.

  • 1918 Mollie Steimer given 15-year sentence for opposing World War I.

  • 1955 Death of Sadako Sasaki from leukemia; focus of 1000 cranes for peace.

  • 1975 90 percent of Icelandic women went on general strike in successful demand for equal rights.

  • 1984 International Women's Peace Day declared by Women for Survival Conference, Adelaide.

  • 1993 Marguerite Barankitse began rescuing children from Burundi civil war.

  • 1998 Mothers Action for Peace protest at Oak Ridge nuclear plant; four women arrested for trespassing.

  • 2000 Dutch woman Marjan Willemson and Briton Zoe Weir cut Faslane base fence and hung banner against Trident missiles.

  • 2005 At London's Cenotaph war memorial, Maya Evans was arrested for reading the names of 97 British soldiers killed in Iraq.

  • 2012 Judith Bello arrested for protest against drones at Hancock AFB; jailed eight days. Mary Anne Grady Flores arrested, leading to year in jail for repeated protests.