October 4

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1904 Alice Stewart born Sheffield, England (d. 2002). Recipient of Right Livelihood Award, 1986, for effect of nuclear radiation.

  • 1913 Miriam Levering (née Lindsey) born Pittsburgh, PA (d. 1991). Quaker pacifist. With her husband, headed lobby for Law of the Sea treaty, 1983; active in WILPF and World Federalists.

  • 1927 C. Delores Tucker born Philadelphia, PA (d. 2005). Civil rights leader; founded Martin Luther King, Jr. Association for Non-Violence, 1968; outspoken critic of gangsta rap.

  • 1936 Sally Belfrage born Hollywood, CA. Journalist; civil rights activist; wrote memoirs detailing nonviolent "Freedom Summer," and Greenham movement; war tax resister.

  • 1942 Kek Galabru born Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Helped end civil war, 1991; founded Cambodian human rights organization LICADHO, 1992.

  • 1942 Bernice Johnson Reagon born Dougherty City, GA. Historian; singer and composer; arrested with SNCC, 1961.

  • 1943 Lourdes Arizpe Schlosser born Mexico City, Mexico. Pioneering Mexican anthropologist and professor. Deputy Director, UNESCO, 1994-98. General Secretary, World Commission on Culture, UN and Development.

  • 1946 Susan Sarandon born New York, NY. Actress; voiced early opposition to Iraq War on moral grounds and predicted disaster; trip to Nicaragua, 1983; UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, 1999; Code Pink Mother's Day protest, 2006.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1997 Peg McIntyre, age 87, arrested at Cape Canaveral for protest against Cassini rocket.

  • 2002 Eveline L. Herfkens of Netherlands named executive coordinator of UN Millennium Goals.

  • 2012 In Kosovo, members of the Partnership for Change: Empowering Women international summit drew up Pristina Principles to empower women.

  • 2014: Lapland Women for Peace held standing demo against drones, Kiruna, Sweden.