Lourdes Arizpe


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Lourdes Arizpe Schlosser born Mexico City, Mexico October 4, 1943. Pioneering Mexican anthropologist and professor. Deputy Director, UNESCO, 1994-98. General Secretary, World Commission on Culture, UN and Development.


[I]t is the heightened degree of interdependence in the world that has transformed any 'threat' into a 'global threat' that knows no boundaries. What the recent tragedies in New York and in Afghanistan have demonstrated is that violence has acquired a new global rank. However, so has the collective will for peace, development and sustainability as witnessed by so many thousands of local social or cultural movements which have this aim in mind. Perhaps never in history has this collective will against violence been so evident and so global in its manifestations. This, I believe, is the movement we must act upon through concerted international programs and actions.” (“Culture and globalization”, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, c. 2002; Photo ala UNAM)