Violet Paget


Violet Paget born Boulogne, France October 14, 1856 (d. 1935). British internationalist; pacifist author under the pseudonym Vernon Lee; lesbian; suffragist. Took strong stand against WWI, joining antiwar Union of Democratic Control. Published Peace with Honour: Controversial Notes on the Settlement,which prophetically renounced reparations, 1915; The Ballet of the Nations; A Present-Day Morality, an illustrated satanic dance of war, followed by a long philosophical commentary, 1915; Satan the Waster: A Philosophic War Trilogy, 1920. Supported Hague Women's Peace Congress and the founding of WILPF, 1915.


The flagging Dancers, the bleeding Nations, weary of that stage slippery with blood and entrails, felt the wind of the wings of Pity and Indignation; and, in its pure breath, suddenly revived.” (The Ballet of the Nations; portrait