Leda Rafanelli


Leda Rafanelli born Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy September 13, 1880 (d. 1971). Italian poet, author and publisher; “The Gypsy anarchist”; individualist anarchist; convert to Sufi Islam; anti-militarist; anti-imperialist; opposed WWI; lover of pre-fascist Mussolini; rejected postwar colonial quest.


War, we must fight! So said today the group of crowned heads. And then what? . . . then comes the pale horse of famine, the black horse of death . . . The eternal sources of life exhausted, the dispersion of all that is beauty and love. And this ruin must draft the people, the proletariat which will be the first to go and fight, the first to suffer the terrible consequences! No, no, no! Down with the war, reject this frightening vision of blood and death.” (1914, Mirella Scriboni, Down with the war!, p. 148, in Cretastorie, Anarchicini; photo wikipedia)