Kathleen Rumpf


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Kathleen Rumpf born September 1, 1951. Catholic Worker peace activist. Arrested over 100 times; participated in anti-war activities with Berrigan family and Dorothy Day, 1978; joined Greenham Common, Seneca Peace Camp, 1983. Spent 18 months jail for 1983 Thanksgiving Day protest, hammering dents in B-2 bomber. Held 3-day vigil at Pentagon with sign: ”IT’S A SIN TO BUILD A NUCLEAR WEAPON,” 1983. Led women’s hokey-pokey dance on red line Nevada Test Site, 1989; 4-day fast protesting aid to El Salvador, 1989; Operation Desert Shield protest, 1990; trespass at federal building protest against Iraq War, 1992. Lived in cage in public protest of US jails. First federal prison term of nine months for spray-painting “School of Shame” at School of Americas entrance, 1998; killer drone protests, 2011.


On her prison experience: “Institutionalized torture of the powerless doesn’t happen in isolation. . . It evolves. Abu Ghraib came right out of our culture.” (Fort Worth Weekly, Aug. 2, 2006; photo peacecamperstory)