Annike Spalde


Annike Spalde born Sweden May 26, 1969. Swedish peace activist with Ofog (Mischief) DISARM group; arrested for break-in at Bofors arms plant 2008; jailed six months; protested arms for Indonesian use in Timor 1996; arrested in Bread Not Bombs campaign against Trident sub at Barrow 1998.


The [British] government has repeatedly stated a willingness to use NWs [nuclear weapons]. But, it’s important to see that these weapons are being used without being fired. It’s like if someone has a loaded gun and says that he or she is prepared to use it, then this person gets enormous power over other people. To threaten to use NWs is a form of international terrorism, threatening to use violence to secure one’s own interests.” (Preston Crown Court, Oct. 19, 1999; photo Kristen Vanster)