May 26

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1909 Eugenie Anderson born Adair, IA (d. 1997). League of Women Voters leader. First American woman to serve as ambassador, to Denmark, 1949-1953; Bulgaria, 1962-64. US delegate to UN 1965-69.

  • 1916 Henriette Roosenburg born Netherlands (d. 1972). Journalist in Dutch resistance. Condemned to death by Germans.

  • 1938 May Blood born Belfast, Northern Ireland. Labor organizer and community leader. First woman from Northern Ireland to join House of Lords. Co-founded women’s party Northern Ireland Woman’s Coalition (NIWC), 1996.

  • 1966 Rebecca Masika Katsuva born Democratic Republic of Congo (d. 2016). “Mama Masika.” Victim of multiple wartime rapes; set up refuges for rape victims, South Kivu.

  • 1969 Annike Spalde born Sweden. Swedish peace activist with Ofog (Mischief) DISARM group; arrested for break-in at Bofors arms plant 2008; jailed six months; protested arms for Indonesian use in Timor 1996; arrested in Bread Not Bombs campaign against Trident sub at Barrow 1998.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1872 In Rutherford, New Jersey, Lucretia Mott delivered her sermon "Peace of Nations."

  • 1958 Women's Caravan of Peace, organized by Dora Russell, departed London.

  • 1991 Opening of Ovum Pacis, the Women's International Peace University by Marcia Mason and Alice Wiser, Burlington, VT.

  • 2013 Men and Women Working as Partners for Gender-Sensitive Active Nonviolence, The Hague.