May 27

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1818 Amelia Jenks Bloomer born Homer, NY (d. 1894). American leader against domestic violence; temperance leader and dress reformer; first editor of The Lily, paper wholly edited by women, 1849.

  • 1819 Julia Ward Howe born Manhattan, NY (d. 1910). Pacifist leader. Wrote "Battle Hymn of the Republic," 1862. Founded Women's International Peace Association, 1871; established first Mothers' Peace Day, 1873.

  • 1844 May Wright Sewall born Greenfield, WI (d. 1920). American suffragist and peace leader through World War I. Organized International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace, 1915; sailed on Ford's peace ship to stop war, 1915-16.

  • 1900 Magda Portal born Barranco, Peru (d. 1989). Peruvian poet and feminist; anti-imperialist. Leader of Vanguardia literary movement. Founding member of Apristas, a nonviolent socialist revolutionary party.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1915 In Vienna, Aletta Jacobs made personal appeal for peace to Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister von Burian.

  • 1992 First government attempt to evict Greenham women failed.

  • 1993 Rigoberta Menchú's petition for restoration of democratic government led to the overthrow of Guatemalan dictatorship.

  • 2009 British authorities arrested Maya Evans outside Northwood Military Headquarters for taking part in a die-in protest to commemorate the second anniversary of the NATO bombing of a wedding party which resulted in the deaths of 47 Afghan civilians.

  • 2015 In San Francisco, Iraqi mother Sundus Shaker Saleh filed an appeal to her previously-dismissed lawsuit that the Bush Administration acted illegally in waging the Iraq War.