Anasuya Sarabhai


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Anasuya Sarabhai AKA Motaben born November 11, 1885 (d. 1972). Fabian Socialist; feminist; Gandhian labor organizer; daughter of textile manufacturer.  Used nonviolent resistance in textile strike, 1918; organized India's first labor union, 1920. Worked with Gandhi in Kheda Satyagraha, 1918. One of first signatories of Gandhi’s Satyagraha pledge opposing the Rowlatt Act, 1919.


"Ask yourself what is right and what is wrong—and once you have decided, act fearlessly in the cause that you believe in." (paraphrase of advice to Ela Bhatt, Ela Bhatt, J. Sreenivasan, 2000, p. 41; photo wikimedia)