September 24

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1825 Frances Harper born Baltimore, MD (d. 1911). Black non-resistant abolitionist poet; novelist and lecturer; sat-in on Philadelphia trolley 1859.

  • 1852 Elizabeth Maria Molteno born Beaufort West, Cape Colony (d. 1927). South African educator, suffragist and feminist; strong public opponent of Boer War; friend of Gandhi, who called her "peacemaker", aiding his satyagraha campaign; friend of Olive Schreiner; supported conscientious objection in World War I; opposed racial segregation.

  • 1866 Bhikhaji Cama (née Patel) born Mumbai, India (d. 1936). Indian independence leader; unfurled first tricolor flag at Socialist conference Stuttgart 1907; anti-imperialist; banned from India, arrested in France for antiwar activity 1914; interned 1916; nonviolent, but accepted resistance to violence; did relief work against the plague, which she caught 1896.

  • 1885 Gabrielle Bouet born Assi-Bou-Nif, Algeria (d. 1977). Radical French pacifist syndicalist teacher; issued antiwar manifesto of teachers Chambery 1912; antiwar throughout World War I; opposed World War II.

  • 1909 Charis Waddy born Parramatta, NSW, Australia (d. 2004). Christian scholar of Islam who bridged West and Islam, winning praise from leading Muslims.

  • 1911 Lilian Ngoyi born Pretoria, South Africa (d. 1980). "Mother of Black Resistance" who insisted on nonviolence; President of ANC Women 1953; won international support 1955; led 20,000 march 1956; arrested and put in solitary jail 71 days; banned 11 years.

  • 1952 Jill Stallard born Wales. Welsh nonviolent anti-nuclear activist; National Secretary CND Cymru; organized Chernobyl child aid; protested Gulf War environmental hazard 1993; supported Palestinian defense of olive trees, protested Israeli wall; sent 103 Welsh busloads to London against Iraq War.

  • 1969 Zainab Salbi born Baghdad, Iraq. Iraqi-American humanitarian. Founded Women for Women International to help women victims of war, 1993; awarded Hilton Humanitarian Prize, 2005.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1988 Aung San Suu Kyi founded National League for Democracy with nonviolent Gandhian campaign.

  • 2005 NOW sponsored "Stop the War Now" campaign DC.

  • 2008 Colombian peace leader Olga Marina Vergara assassinated Medellin.

  • 2011 Police pepper-sprayed Chelsea Elliott and Jeanne Mansfield at Union Square, NY, giving boost to Occupy movement.

  • 2013 Sylvia Boyes and Mary Millington cut fence at Faslane Naval Base to protest Trident submarine.