September 5

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1840 Wilhelmina Sherriff Bain born Edinburgh, Scotland (d. 1944). New Zealand pacifist who opposed Boer War; promoted arbitration and disarmament as alternatives to war; she said she "would live, and die, for Peace" (Dict. New Zealand Bio.); opposed conscription 1909; teacher, feminist, suffragist, poet.

  • 1900 Betty Muther Jacob (d. 1993). Quaker "Godmother of Peace Studies" Univ. of Hawaii; founded Matsunaga Institute for Peace 1986, International Center for Democracy; assistant to executive directors of UNRRA, 1945-46, UNICEF, 1947-54.

  • 1901 Florence Eldridge born Brooklyn, NY (d. 1988). Celebrated actress, co-founder Congress of American Women (CAW) 1946 opposing Cold War, NATO and a-bomb; CAW was condemned as "Communist hoax" by Congressional un-American activities committee; leaders included wife of Republican governor Gifford Pinchot and Susan B. Anthony II.

  • 1913 Georgia Lloyd born Winnetka, IL (d. 1999). Second generation pacifist leader, daughter of Lola Maverick Lloyd; lifelong socialist; author of peace plans through history; led Campaign for World Government 1943-90; co-founder World Federalists 1947; active in WILPF and War Resisters League; NGO observer at UN founding San Francisco 1945.

  • 1937 Meg Beresford born London. British campaigner against nuclear weapons. Organizing Secretary for European Nuclear Disarmament (END), 1981-83; General Secretary of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1985-90.

  • 1939 Claudette Colvin born Birmingham, AL. As 15-year-old, was first person to refuse to yield bus seat, 1955 Montgomery AL.

  • 1939 Ellen Lee Ziskind born Lowell, MA. Freedom Rider arrested Jackson MS 1961; became Boston psychiatric social worker.

  • 1948 Benita Ferrero-Waldner born Salzburg, Austria. UN Chief of Protocol 1995; Foreign Minister of Austria 2000; European External Relations Commissioner 2004; key diplomat in release of Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian doctor imprisoned by Libya 2007; peacemaker in Aceh.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1981 First Peace Camp established Greenham Common by Women for Life on Earth, lasted two decades.

  • 1991 Three women tried for Nagasaki Protest at Westover AFB, Chicopee MA.

  • 1995 Hillary Clinton addressed the Beijing Women’s Conference. “[H]uman rights are women's rights. . . And women's rights are human rights.”

  • 2001 Maria de los Angeles assassinated Mexico City; City Councilwoman lawyer investigating corruption.

  • 2005 Lisa Shannon began the first Run for Congo Women as a solitary 30-mile trail run, Portland.

  • 2014 At Cardiff Summit talk, Afghan woman Samira Hamidi protested NATO’s lack of female input with sign: “TALK TO ME NOT ABOUT ME.”