September 8

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1810 Mary Antoinette Doolittle born New Lebanon, NY (d. 1886). Shaker Eldress and lecturer; wrote War Positively Unchristian.

  • 1872 Elizabeth Fisher Read born New Brighton, PA (d. 1943). American international lawyer and suffragist; personal attorney and mentor of Eleanor Roosevelt; life partner of internationalist peace advocate Esther Lape; translated book on World Court; author of International Law and International Relations 1926.

  • 1881 Ethel Snowden born Pannal, Harrogate, Yorkshire (d. 1951). British suffragist, feminist orator and author; opposed World War I; led Women's Peace Crusade; founder WILPF 1915; Christian Socialist.

  • 1920 Madeleine Rebérioux born Chambéry, Savoy (d. 2005). French historian; Socialist; first woman President of Human Rights League 1991; signed Manifesto of 121 opposing Algerian war and torture 1960; opposed Vietnam War; led UN Decade of Peace & Nonviolence 2000; Called "Enough is Enough!" in appeal for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Dec. 13, 2001.

  • 1942 Lady Borton born Washington DC. Quaker hospital administrator with American Friends Service Committee rehabilitation center Quang Ngai, Vietnam 1969-71, and with boat refugees Malaysia 1980; postwar aid Vietnam 1993-95.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1944 German martyr Elizabeth von Thadden beheaded by Nazis Berlin for treason 5 pm; opposed war as member of Fellowship of Reconciliation. Last words: "Put an end, Lord, to all our sufferings."

  • 1994 Three women wove shut the gate of ELF submarine system Republic MI; Martha Hayward and Dominican sisters Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte.

  • 2001 1000 Women for Peace at UN presented petition of Latin American women.

  • 2009 Asia-Pacific Women's Conference on Peace & Security, Manila through 10th.

  • 2015: Michaela Anang interrupted Dick Cheney’s opposition to Iran treaty: “We want peace and not war!”