Genevieve Vaughn


Genevieve Vaughn born Corpus Christi, TX November 21, 1935. American resident of Italy; semiotician; promoted Gift Economy; peace advocate, founder Feminist International for Peace and Food 1984; sponsored Peace Tent at Nairobi Women’s conference 1984; Women’s peace meetings Moscow 1987; European Peace Caravans; US-Salvador women’s meeting 1991; Women’s Peace Caravan to end the Nuclear Age 1994; Colombian women on Peace Boat 2001.


I have witnessed the waste of the world’s wealth on armaments, justified by military paranoia. It is no longer only the transfer of the (free)’gift’ of wealth from the poor to the rich that is the problem, but the defense of that transfer by the military, and resources wasted on that defense. We have fostered institutions of Patriarchal paranoia, instead of institutions of human nurturing and the creation of community.” (The Gift Economy; photo MAGO E*magazine)