Cora Weiss


Cora Weiss (née Rubin) born Harlem, NY 1934. Peace activist; social worker. Supported Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee c. 1961. Co-founded Women Strike for Peace against nuclear weapons, 1961; formed Jeannette Rankin Brigade against Vietnam War, 1969. Went to Hanoi as co-chair of Committee of Liaison with Families of Prisoners to get three prisoners home, 1972. Active member of SANE; major supporter of UN. Founding director Riverside Church Disarmament Program, 1978. Led Hague Appeal for Peace, 1996. President of International Peace Bureau, 2000-06. Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2002.


"I firmly believe that it will be women, acting together, acting strategically, teaching, and organising who will be responsible for enacting the 'culture of peace' that will be necessary for the survival of humanity." (Open Democracy, March 18, 2004; photo