October 2

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1857 Leonie La Fontaine born Brussels, Belgium (d. 1949). Belgian feminist; pacifist; founding member of WILPF.

  • 1885 Ruth Bryan Owen born Jacksonville, IL (d. 1954). First female American ambassador, posted to Denmark, 1933; delegate to UN founding San Francisco, 1945; UN representative, 1949; twice US Representative; First woman on US House Foreign Affairs Committee; influential speaker on peace and UN; plan of world government, 1942. Served in Jane Addams's Hull House; administered relief in Belgium; served as nurse in World War I; promoted women as "Mothers of Humanity."

  • 1906 Willa Taggart born OR (d. 2000). Maintained 40-year-long weekly vigil against Titan missles, Chico, CA, 1960-2000; arrested for chaining self to IRS office in protest of Central America war, 1984; lifelong member of FOR.

  • 1910 Peg McIntyre born New York (d. 2008). Grandmothers for Peace activist; opposed Iraq War, School of Americas; arrested over 12 times for nonviolent protests; jailed 30 days for protest against Cassini rocket at the age of 89.

  • 1920 Casey Davis. Peace activist, Houston, TX.

  • 1934 Cora Weiss born Harlem, NY. Peace activist; social worker. Supported Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, c. 1961. Co-founded Women Strike for Peace against nuclear weapons, 1961; formed Jeannette Rankin Brigade against Vietnam War, 1969. Active member of SANE; major supporter of UN. President of International Peace Bureau, 2000-06. Nobel Peace Prize nominee, 2002.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1924 Helena Swanwick gave first official speech on international politics in Geneva Protocol.

  • 1935 Virginia Woolf started "Three Guineas" after Brighton Labour conference.

  • 1960 Wilhelmina Taggart began 50-year vigil against Titan missiles on her birthday, Chico, CA.

  • 1977 All-Ireland women's liberation conference.

  • 1990 Elizabeth McAlister arrested for painting White House sidewalk with Pope's words "No More War Never Again."

  • 1992 Lynne Guenther sentenced to 5 years probation for protest at UN.

  • 1998 The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced Jean-Paul Akayesu to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sexual assault, and genocide.

  • 2002 Code Pink founded, opposing Iraq War.