Leonie La Fontaine


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Léonie La Fontaine born Brussels, Belgium October 2, 1857 (d. 1949). Belgian feminist; pacifist; WILPF founding member.


"A lame peace would only cause new wars in a short time. I hope that the women of all the neutral countries see the dawn in each country a great demonstration in favor of Peace, and when Peace is signed all the women of the belligerent countries will join to create a formidable League which will not cease to work for universal Peace, and universal disarmament!" (April 26, 1915; http://bit.ly/wXsIZv)

However, a day will come, and we do so strongly hope so, that women are called to stand besides men. On that day, and we are convinced of it, war will become impossible. On that day, militarism and imperialism will stop and we will be able to write in golden letters on the walls of our parliaments: ‘The United States of Europe.’ (Vrouwen in de Geschiedenis van Belgie—Google Arts & Culture, thanks to Sofia Sitvast; photo Wikicommons)