Gertrude Weil


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Gertrude Weil born Goldsboro, NC December 11, 1879 (d. 1971). American Jewish progressive civic reformer and suffragist. Led League of Women Voters in lobbying the World Court for disarmament; promoted good relations with Latin America.


The abolition of war is humanity’s supreme need today. . . Thus in working toward this end, woman takes her place in world progress.” (“Thoughts on Armistice Day” c. 1928, in Melissa Klapper, Ballots, Babies and Banners of Peace)

As women are the producers of the race, they would be naturally the conservers of the race. . . Viewed from any standpoint, we cannot see no justification for war. . . We find that war abrogates the teachings of all religions. The is nothing in war compatible with the doctrine of human brotherhood and the universal law of love.” (Leonard Rogoff, Gertrude Weil, p. 164; photo Jewish Women’s Archive)