Fannie Fern Andrews


Fannie Fern Andrews born Margaretville, Canada September 25, 1867 (d. 1950). American pioneer in peace education; internationalist teacher and pacifist; author, lecturer, and organizer; founded American School Peace League 1908; co-founded Women’s Peace Party 1915; WILPF founder; started Central Organization for Durable Peace 1915 Hague; created League for Permanent Peace 1918; began International Bureau of Education 1926; planned first international education conference 1914; Delegate of US Bureau of Education at Versailles Peace Conference 1919.


"All that has been accomplished in the international peace movement has been done through the process of education. . . If law is to be substituted for war it must be chiefly through the children of the present generation." (Baltimore, May 5, 1911; photo Wikipedia)