Nebahat Akkoç


Nebahat Akkoç born Diyarbakir, Turkey February 23, 1954. Turkish Kurd human rights activist; teacher; opposed military coup 1980; jailed 12 days tortured 1994; founded women’s center KAMER 1997; Heinrich Böll Alice Klein Human Rights Prize 2015; Mevlana Kinship and Peace Award 2005, Amnesty International Ginetta Sagan Award 2004.


We want a world without violence: We long for a world where all different forms of violence are acknowledged and no reasoning legitimizes the use of violence.” (“Imagining a New World”)

"While we women fight to free ourselves from violence, we gain new perspectives and experiences, and at the same time show that a new world is possible." (Heinrich Böll Kurzbiographie; photo