April 11

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1492 Marguerite de Navarre (d. 1549). Peace queen and stateswoman; humanist scholar, poet, and playwright. Protected opponents in wars of religion; raised peacemaker daughter Jeanne d'Albret.

  • 1865 Mary White Ovington born Brooklyn, NY (d. 1951). Unitarian Socialist opposed to World War I and US imperialism. Co-founder and first Secretary of NAACP, 1909.

  • 1925 Viola Liuzzo born California, PA (d. 1965). Unitarian-Universalist civil rights activist. Shot dead by 4 KKK members as she was driving African-American protester near Selma.

  • 1958 Luísa Dias Diogo born Mágoè, Tete, Mozambique. Economist; first woman Prime Minister of Mozambique, 2004.

  • 1968 Clare Daly born Newbridge, Kildare, Ireland. Irish politician. Socialist Member of Parliament, 2011. Arrested for scaling Shannon fence to inspect US planes for illegal arms, 2014. Charged President Obama as hypocrite for supplying arms to Syrian rebels.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1916 Annie Besant established India Home Rule League.

  • 1921 Women's Crusade for Peace called for by Carrie Chapman Catt at League of Women Voters convention, Cleveland.

  • 1985 Anne Francis convicted for damaging Greenham fence; sentenced for two-year term, later reduced to six months.

  • 1992 Lynne Chamberlain Gunther protest at UN against military taxes, asking UN sanctuary.

  • 1995 Two Turkish women arrested for demanding in court “We want our sons!”, who had disappeared. Jailed one month, later starting “Saturday Mothers” movement.

  • 2006 Pasos Peace museum founded by Nitza Milagros Escalante.

  • 2011 Women’s uprising in Cheran, Michoacan, Mexico drove out armed forest thieves and corrupt politicians.

  • 2014 Seven women arrested for drone protest ("Drones Kill Children") at Creech AFB, Nevada.

  • 2016 Jodie Evans and Rachel Green arrested for Capitol sit-in opening Democracy Spring protest.

  • 2017 86-year-old Louise Schneider spray-painted “MONEY FOR ARMS KILLS” on National Bank, Bern, Switzerland.