Janet Bloomfield


Janet Bloomfield (née Hood) born Newcastle-under-Lyme, England October 10, 1953 (d. 2007). British Quaker peace activist; UK Coordinator of Atomic Mirror, to create a nuclear-free world, 1997. Organized campaign to stop arms trade shows Birmingham 1991; chaired Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), 1993-96; Vice-President of International Peace Bureau, Geneva, 1994-97; led Atomic Mirror Pilgrimage "Sacred Fire" of nuclear and sacred sites of Britain, 1996; convened Abolition Now Campaign Working Group of Abolition, 2000.


"The issue of the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from European territory is crying out for action. There is no military reason for these weapons to be on European soil. They are another hangover of the Cold War." (Oxford Research Group, January 2007; photo Abolition 2000)