Henriette Bie Lorentzen


Henriette Bie Lorentzen (née Anna Henriette Wegner Haagaas) born Vestre Aker (now Oslo) Norway July 18, 1911 (d. 2001). Norwegian humanist; peace activist; founding teacher Nansen Academy 1937; arrested by Gestapo 1943, tortured while pregnant; survived Ravensbrück; founding editor publisher magazine “Women and Time” 1945-55; active in Grandmothers Against Atom Weapons 1983.


I worked systematically to accustom myself to death tank. I remember saying to myself day after day: Once I die, you've gotten a lot out of life. I think I managed to look death in the face. I was 33 years old when I came to Ravensbrück and had, after all, a life behind me." (Andreas Skartveit, wikipedia.no; photo Wikipedia)