Agnes Bauerlein


Agnes Bauerlein (née Schretien) born Nijmegen, Netherlands February 12, 1928 (d. 2015). American war resister after family died in allied bombing 1944; social worker; influenced by Dorothy Day; welcomed Vietnamese refugees 1975; put up Berrigans during their trial 1982; arrested DC for nuclear protest; jailed 10 days for destroying nuclear weapons plans in AVCO plant 1983; month in Iraq desert with Gulf Peace Team 1991 trying to avert war. a week in prison for Iraq War protest 2001.


It is my fear that we in the U.S. are just as apathetic as the German population in the late 1930s. I certainly see apathy on the nuclear issue. The U.S. military complex is alive and well, and the prospect of its growth is very real unless we, the American people, let our democratic government know that we don’t need it.” (Satya, Sep. 2001; photo New York Times)