Ivonne A-Baki


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Ivonne Abdel-Baki (née Leila Ivonne Juez) born Guayaquil, Ecuador February 23, 1951. Artist; diplomat; peacemaker; head of Yasuní rainforest conservation project in Amazon. Founded Art for Peace, 1997; instrumental in Peru-Ecuador peace, 1998. Presidential candidate, 2002; Trade Minister, 2003-05; President of Andean Parliament, 2007-08; candidate for head of UNESCO, 2009. Created Galapagos Conservancy Foundation, 2009; UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.


"Women have the ability to understand the issues in different ways than men. They are better equipped to see the interests of both sides. Usually, men see their own position and move very little. A woman tries to find the way to compromise—maybe you have to give up a little, but everyone wins. . . Peace is not just about non-violence. It's not just about stopping wars. It's about inclusion. People want to be accepted in society as human beings no matter where they are from or what religion they are from or what color they are." (Sage Magazine, November 29, 2012; photo Twitter)