Adrienne Maree Brown


09.06 brown.jpg

Adrienne Maree Brown born El Paso, TX September 6, 1978. African-American feminist and social justice leader. Director of nonviolent direct action Ruckus Society for environmental justice, indigenous rights and migrant aid, 2006-10.


“Nonviolent direct action has been and should be a deeply transformational and spiritual practice—we are warriors in each nonviolent direct action we do—our action is us extending ourselves towards our visions.” (“Deep Change”, Jun. 9, 2009)

“Love reaches over and under the border wall, extending care and compassion and family to those brutalized by the regressive half of our citizenry. . . Love shows us what to move toward to both free and protect what we so deeply care about. And love teaches us who will be by our sides when the terror comes.” (“Let us resolve to organize with Love”, Jan. 2, 2019; photo kresgee arts)