Marguerite Barankitse


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Marguerite “Maggy” Barankitse born Ruyigi, Burundi July 21, 1957. Rescued children during massacre, 1993. Founded Maison Shalom for 20,000 war orphans, 1993. Exiled to Rwanda, 2015; established Oasis for Peace to carry on mission of Maison Shalom, 2017. Awarded French Human Rights Prize, 1998; Bandres Prize for Asylum Rights, 1998; World Children’s Prize, 2003; Voices of Courage Award, 2004; Eleanor Roosevelt  Four Freedoms Award, 2004; Nansen Refugee Award, 2005; UNESCO Prize, 2008; Prize for Conflict Prevention, 2011; Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, 2016.


"I want the new generation, Hutu and Tutsi together, who will break this cycle of violence. I will raise them in dignity, and love. When you have conviction, nobody can stop you. . . I don't want to hate. I want to believe in human beings. For me, even criminals, they are still my brothers, and I will continue to show them the light." (Christian Post, Jun. 17, 2016; photo