Edith Maud Ellis


Edith Maud Ellis born Nottinghamshire, England January 6, 1878 (d. 1963). Quaker; absolute pacifist; daughter of MP. Served as president of British WILPF; led Friends Service Committee, counseling those who refused conscription during World War I; acted as mediator to end Korean War; published pamphlet A Challenge to Militarism, for which she was fined £150, spent 3 months in Holloway Prison.


"The declaration of peace and goodwill is the duty of all Christians and ought not to be dependent upon the permission of any Government Official. We therefore intend to continue the publication of such leaflets as we feel it our duty to put forth, without submitting them to the Censor." (Goliath v. David: A Short History of the Organized Peace Movement, p. 13; photo Wikipedia)