Marsha Feinland


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Marsha Feinland born Far Rockaway, NY May 21, 1949. Peace and Freedom candidate for President 1996; teacher, union leader; won 243,407 votes for US Senate 2004 calling for withdrawal from Iraq and Middle East, abolishing nuclear weapons.


Over 1,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Countless civilians have perished, adding to the toll from Afghanistan, Colombia, and other sites of endless war. Our government is not helping to establish democracy, but rather is fueling the battles with our unwanted presence. I say, 'Bring the troops home now!' . . .As a Jewish American, I chose to run for U.S. Senate partly as an act of conscience in support of the rights of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories. The wall which impedes people from conducting a normal life must come down. Israel should abandon the settlements and retreat to its pre-1967 borders. I do not condone any violence against civilians, and favor full rights for all people in any state.” (Peace & Freedom Party, 2004; photo peaceandfreedom 2012)