Anne Feeney


Anne Feeney born Charleroi, PA July 1, 1951. American singer and activist lawyer; album Wild Wimmin for Peace: The Great Peace March, 1986; active protests against Vietnam War and Apartheid; arrested 1972 Miami protesting Nixon’s nomination; arrested 2017 Day Without a Woman.


On the Iraq War: "[With] a lifelong commitment to issues of peace and social justice. I feel we're on the brink of global war." (, Oct. 2, 2002)

Was it Cesar Chavez? Maybe it was Dorothy Day?
Some will say Dr. King or Gandhi set them on their way
No matter who your mentors are it's pretty plain to see
That, if you've been to jail for justice, you're in good company

(“Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”, 1999; photo Sisterhood)