Vaiba Flomo


Vaiba Kebeh Flomo born Margibi County, Liberia April 9, 1967. Liberian peacemaker. Co-founded Christian Women Peace Initiative (CWPI), 2002. Organized large-scale nonviolent protests with Liberian Women Mass Action for Peace, 2003. Joined women’s delegation to peace talks for civil conflicts, Accra, 2003. Interviewed in documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell as a member of Liberian delegation to UN Commission on Status of Women, 2007. Rode Peace Train to promote violence-free elections, Sierra Leone, 2007. Advised NGO Reconcile on peacebuilding, South Sudan, 2009. Joined Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Women PeaceMakers Program, 2010. Accepted Cinema for Peace foundation award on behalf of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, 2009.


“In time of war, women and children suffer most and The bullet cannot pick and choose. Once it is in the air it is not looking for a Christian, it is not looking for a Muslim. It comes to anyone.” (2001, in Sara Koenders, “The Bullet Cannot Pick or Choose”, p. 34)

“If women are the primary victims of violence they should get involved, because the one that feels the pain knows how to describe it to people. If we work through these women we can succeed in stopping the violence.” (Koenders, p. 29; photo