Gisele Halimi


Gisèle Halimi (née Zeiza Gisèle Élise Taïeb) born La Goulette, Tunisia July 27, 1927. French-Tunisian human rights lawyer; feminist activist. Along with Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre, among others, presided over war crimes tribunal, condemning American actions in Vietnam as war crimes of genocide and torture, 1967. Defended Algerian nationalist Djamila Boupacha, who had been tortured by the French, 1960. Publicly condemned Algeria War, specifically French torture of Algerian citizens, 1961. Founded feminist reproductive freedom organization Choisir, 1971.


[W]hat is important to me: the defense of the physical and moral integrity of individuals, the rights of the human person, the fight against torture, the fight against colonialism.” (interview; photo mémoites algé