Nina Hagen


Nina Hagen (née Catharina Hagen) born East Berlin, German Democratic Republic March 11, 1955. German singer, songwriter, actress; “Godmother of Punk”; antiwar, anti-nuclear; active protest on Iraq War; funded Afghan relief with song of sadness.


We are the people of a good spirit, the people of love, the people of peace and freedom. And that's what we have to fight for now, with the only weapon that is really good: with our love.” (“I prefer peace”, Feb. 2, 2002)

There's going to be a big disaster
(Nobody understands, you I hope)
Gonna be war, war number three
(Dennis, Tom)
Going to be a war, something I know it, I know already,
(Sigmund Freud, I confide)
I know it now already, I can feel it though already.
Moscow's gonna become
(One day we will be free)
Washington's going to be number two
(We will be for labor day)
Big big big big disaster's gonna come
(One day we will be free)

(“Born in Xixax”; photo pinterest)