Frances Hoggan


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Frances Hoggan (née Morgan) born Brecon, Wales December 20, 1843 (d. 1927). Social reformer; first European woman doctor. Celebrated first women’s peace petition in 17th century. Seconded peace resolution of Moral Reform Society, 1884. Spoke at first Universal Interracial Congress London, 1911. Contributor to NAACP’s Crisis on Negro progress. Promoted medical care of India’s women.


Only in the light and warmth of sympathetic appreciation and encouragement is it to be expected that the Negro race will do its best for the world. . . May the next half-century see many of its difficulties and hindrances removed and may a better understanding prevail between white and black in America, to their mutual advantage and to the furtherance of a brotherhood throughout the world.” (The Crisis, Feb. 1920, p. 176; photo wikipedia)