June 8

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1816 Mary Lucinda Bonney born Hamilton, NY (d. 1900). Indian rights activist; circulated petition to observe treaties.

  • 1853 Alice Thacher Post (d. 1947). Editor and publisher of Chicago anti-imperialist paper The Public. Vice-president of Anti-Imperialist League.

  • 1874 Annot Robinson born Montrose, Angus, Scotland (d. 1925). British schoolmistress; Socialist labor organizer. Powerful suffragist and pacifist orator. Founding member of WILPF.

  • 1920 Ruth Steinkraus-Cohen born Cleveland, OH (d. 2002). Internationalist promoter of UN; published UN Calendar for Peace 20+ years; sponsored jUNe Day hospitality for UN.

  • 1927 Anne Marion Warburton. President, Lucy Cavendish College. First female British ambassador, 1976. Led European investigation of rape in Balkan war, 1992.

  • 1947 Jocelynne Scutt born Perth, Western Australia. Australian lawyer; feminist.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1972 Nick Ut photographed Phan Thi Kim Phuc fleeing bombs in Vietnam War.

  • 1991 Nancy Kent and Lynn Fredriksson arrested in Washington DC for stopping Desert Storm Victory Parade by climbing onto tank.

  • 1994 Graça Machel appointed by UN to report on children soldiers.

  • 1999 Three British women dismantled sub lab at Loch Gail, Scotland: Ellen MoxleyUlla Røder, and Angie Zelter.

  • 2000 Greenham fence came down, opening base for first time.

  • 2006 Haya Rashed Al Khalifa elected president of UN General Assembly.

  • 2011 Haleh Sahabi died in human rights protest, Tehran.