March 27

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1819 Esther Whinery Wattles born Salem, OH (d. 1908). Schoolteacher. Radical Quaker nonresistant abolitionist. Member of several utopian communes in Ohio, Indiana, and Kansas dedicated to nonviolence and women’s rights.

  • 1933 Hazel Henderson born Bristol, England. Anglo-American economist and futurist. Authored global plan for UN funding, 1995.

  • 1934 Jutta Limbach born Berlin, Germany. Democratic Socialist jurist and law professor. First female president of German Federal Court, 1994-2002.

  • 1945 Anna Mae Aquash born Nova Scotia, Canada (d. 1975). Canadian First Nations leader; member of Micmac tribe; teacher with American Indian Movement. Led Trail of Broken Treaties March, 1972.

  • 1949 Christine Chinkin born Kent, England. Professor of international law, London School of Economics. Member of UN Human Rights Council Gaza Fact-Finding Mission, 2009; member of UN Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel, 2010-present.

  • 1949 Dubravka Ugrešić born Kutina, Croatia, Yugoslavia. Croatian writer. Opposed Balkan War and militant nationalism, 1991; exiled, 1993.

  • 1950 Esther Benbassa born Istanbul, Turkey. French-Jewish historian and politician. Awarded Seligman Human Rights Prize for work against racism, 2006; elected French senator, 2011.

  • 1963 Ghada Shahbender born Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian pre-Tahrir organizer; poet. Co-founded anti-corruption reform group Shayfeencom ("We are watching you"), 2005; first recipient of James Lawson Award for nonviolence, 2012.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1870 In Geneva, Marie Goegg-Pouchoulin convened the first meeting of the International Association of Women.

  • 1959 Jacquetta Hawkes led thousands on the second Aldermaston march to London in protest of nuclear weapons.

  • 1960 Mama Chikamoneka marched topless alongside other women to protest for independence during Secretary of State for the Colonies Ian Macleod's visit to Zambia.

  • 1965 Alice Herz died of burns sustained from her March 16 immolation protest against the Vietnam War.

  • 2007 Code Pink held its "Camp Pelosi" protest at the San Francisco Federal Building, demanding an end to Iraq War.

  • 2014 After 17 years of negotiations, the Philippine government signed a comprehensive peace, shaped by women's efforts, with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.