May 6

Women peacemakers born today

  • 1920 Noreen Hewett (née Emerson) born Australia (d. 2012). Australian journalist, communist, and women’s leader. Co-founded Save Our Sons (SOS), opposing draft for Vietnam War. First woman journalist to visit People’s Republic of China, 1959.

  • 1922 Gloria Richardson (née Hayes) born Baltimore, MD. Militant nonviolent civil rights leader and piano teacher. Founded Cambridge Movement, demanding immediate desegregation. Negotiated Cambridge Treaty to end segregation and riots, 1963.

  • 1944 Sharon Capeling-Alakija born Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada (d. 2003). Director of United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), 1989-94; Director of UN Volunteers, 1998.

  • 1955 Holly Sklar born New York, NY. Journalist and author. Opposed US militarism, 1988 war on Nicaragua, Iraq War.

  • 1954 Dora Bakoyannis born Athens. Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2006; Mayor of Athens, 2002-06; Minister of Culture, 1992-93; chaired UN Security Council ceasefire, Lebanon, 2006. Promoted European Union Lisbon Treaty, 2007.

  • 1955 Vesna Pešić born Grocka, Serbia, Yugoslavia. Serbian human rights activist and antiwar leader. Founded Yugoslav Helsinki Committee, 1985; Yugoslav European Movement, 1991; Centre for Antiwar Action (CAWA), promoting nonviolence and negotiation, 1991. Received Sakharov Award, 1997.

Women's peacemaking on this day

  • 1916 Executive Committee of WILPF met in Zürich to plan women's peace conference.

  • 1984 Lebanese Women protested war, led by woman named Iman Khalifeh.

  • 1987 Six "Pele" (goddess of unconditional love) entered Nevada Test Site.

  • 1996 Ursuline Sister Dianna Ortiz ended two-week fast and vigil at the White House after presidential promise to investigate her torture in Guatemala.

  • 2015 In Skopje, Macedonia, women formed a human shield around police to protect them from provocateurs throwing glass bottles. “I didn't stand up because I like the policemen. I stood up because the hooligans will create a problem and then run away, and the innocent protesters will suffer the consequences.”