Margaret Papandreou


Margarita Papandreou (née Margaret Chant) born Oak Park, IL September 22, 1930. Greek first lady. Organized international feminist anti-war conference Athens Nov. 1986; contributed to end of Cold War by visit to USSR 1987; democratic Socialist.


Women are not at the peace table. We are not there where our commitment to peace, our capacities to find solutions through dialogue, debate, our sensitivities to human needs, human rights are sorely needed. . . The feminist movement has a vision. We understand, first of all, that we have but one earth, shared by one humanity. . . . we will make it a woman’s world, not in the sense of control, or power, or dominance, but those values that we call women-centered values, will be diffused throughout society.” (“Feminism and Political Power,” Canadian Women Studies, 1987, vol. 8, no. 2, p.82; photo y3sman.wordpress)