Thania Paffenholz


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Thania Paffenholz born Cologne, Germany February 2, 1956. International peace researcher, mediator, and adviser. Director, Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative, Geneva; founding director Center for Peacebuilding at Swisspeace, Bern. Awarded Wihuri International Prize, 2015.


If you have a women’s only delegation at the negotiation table, these are usually the activists. From them, you can expect more [of a] push on [the] deep roots of conflict, [and] gender issues. . . [The key point], is to get these activists into positions of decision-making power, which they often do not have. More women do not equal more peace automatically. In order for inclusiveness to translate into the intended results, better peace process design and a consideration of the social, cultural context is necessary.” (International Peace Institute, Oct. 26, 2016; photo wikipedia)