Betty Peterson


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Betty Peterson (née Farber) born Reading, PA November 27, 1917 (d. 2018). Canadian Quaker peace activist. Conscientious objector, WWI; protested Hiroshima. Moved to Canada after Vietnam War protests, 1975. Leader of Nova Scotia Voice for Peace; organized Women’s Peace Petition of 250,000, 1981. Wore t-shirt with 60 peace buttons on New York march against nuclear weapons, 1982. Protested NATO Brussels; Greenham Common; supported Innu women’s protest, Labrador, 1987. Held 88-day peace vigil against Gulf War, Halifax Library, 1990.


Keep on keeping on. It helps you to keep your sanity, and it gives other people hope and calls them into action.” (Globe and Mail, Mar. 16, 2018; photo women social activists)