Anna Parnell


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Anna Parnell born Rathdrum, Wicklow, Ireland May 13, 1852 (d. 1911). Irish nonviolent independence leader. Co-founded Ladies’ Land League, which encouraged women to boycott and refuse land rent, 1881. Influenced nonviolent leader Michael Davitt.


I consider the actions of particular individuals are unimportant in history, while the actions of groups, classes, etc are most important, because the former are not met again, and the latter are. I don’t mean, of course, that the actions [in themselves] are unimportant, only that it does not matter what particular individual does them, except insofar and he or she represents a number of persons.” (to Helen Molony, Jul. 7, 1910, in T. W. Moody, “Anna Parnell”, Hermathena, Summer 1974, p. 12; photo Wikipedia)