Michelle Parlevliet


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Michelle Parlevliet born Almelo, Netherlands September 27, 1971. Professor of Conflict Resolution and Human Rights, University of Amsterdam. Advisor to World Bank (Indonesia) and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, 1996, 1998. South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, 1997; Centre for Conflict Resolution in South Africa, 1999-2005; Conflict transformation adviser for Denmark in Nepal civil war, 2006-09.


“Human rights violations do not only result from destructive conflict, but may also give rise to such conflict, both latent and manifest. Rights violations can trigger unrest and violence in the short and in the long term, when rights are denied over a sustained period.” (“Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Complementary and Contradictory, Complex and Contingent”, Journal of Human Rights Practice, Nov. 2017, pp. 333–57; photo University of Amsterdam)