Lida Gustava Heymann


Lida Gustava Heymann born Hamburg, Germany March 15, 1868 (d. 1943). German radical; feminist-pacifist; co-founder of WILPF. Co-founded the first German feminist society with her partner Anita Augspurg, 1902.


“Millions of men have been left on the battlefield. They will never see home again. Others have returned broken and sick in body and soul. Europe’s soil reeks in blood. Shall this war of extermination go on? Women of Europe, where is your voice? Are you great only in patience and suffering? Come together in the North and South of Europe and protest with all your might against this war, which is murdering the nations, and perform your duty as wives and mothers, as protectors of true civilization and humanity.“ (“Women of Europe, when will your cry ring out”)

“A Europe with Women’s suffrage would not have become victim of a World War.” (Fembio, Lida Heymann; photo Wikipedia)