Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon


Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon, Lady Aberdeen (née Marjoribanks) born London, England March 15, 1857 (d. 1939). Suffragist and social activist. President, International Council of Women, which promoted internationalism and peace, 1893-99, 1904-20, 1922-36. Undertook mission to Paris Peace conference to open League of Nations staff to women.


We women of this day are learning a new patriotism—we are learning to covet for our countries that they shall emulate one another as to which can do the most for the god of thw world, and as to which can do the most to maintain the peace of the world.” (Aberdeen. Report of Transactions of ICW, 1899, in Heloise Brown, The Truest Form of Patriotism, p. 155)

And we women to whom has been committed the trust of mothering the world must rid ourselves of fear—and unite together in all countries to protect and save the human race.” (ICW presidential address, Dubrovnik, 1936; photo