Mary Agnes Hamilton


Mary Agnes “Molly” Hamilton (née Adamson) born Withington, Manchester, England July 8, 1882 (d. 1966). Suffragist; pacifist opposed to WWI. Co-founded and helped draft constitution for antiwar Union for Democratic Control (UDC), 1914. Published controversial novel Dead Yesterday, offering women’s view of war, 1916. Member of Parliament, 1928-31; delegate to League of Nations 1929, 1930; advocated League sanctions on Italy, 1935. BBC broadcaster on politics for women.


Tears filled Daphne’s eyes as she thought of the hundreds of thousands of men in Europe leaving just such homes and fields. . . to go out, filled with love for them and hatred for their brothers. . . to kill and be killed; and of fields like these all trampled underfoot and stained with blood, under the same tranquil sky.” (Dead Yesterday, p. 224; photo